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  • Listening to: Wake Up Alone- Amy WineHouse
  • Drinking: Monster
I was so tired of looking for chat rooms with people to talk to about customizing and modding, I decided to make my own, & I want you all to join! It is called OSCustomizers. I'll be in it but I might be idle, If you come in and no one is there say what OS you use and I will add you as a member when I see it, Let's make this chat-room successful! A chat room that actually serves a purpose. (: Thank you guys.

If you wanna contact me solo
AIM- xlaurenanisa
  • Listening to: Where Its At - Gorilla Zoe
  • Watching: Dr. Drew's Lifechangers
  • Drinking: A Monster

So, I'm in love with Adium!
Only thing is I have to use it with my 4 year old AIM account & I have no one to talk to :(
So that's where you guys come in!
AIM me at xlaurenanisa
MSN is
I'm dying to try-out my perfectly tweaked app! lol